Breathing Apparatus

Breathing apparatus use in Emergency Response situations is designed to deliver clean, dry and breathable air to the person wearing the equipment. The use of breathing apparatus is primarily used when working in an irrespirable or toxic environment.

AML Risk Management emergency response units carry and provide self-contained open circuit breathing apparatus in readiness for a rapid response to any incident. The breathing apparatus equipment is state of the art, as the equipment is vital to save life.

AML Risk Management have available and use:

  • Escape Breathing Apparatus – specifically used for escaping irrespirable environments
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus – provides quality dry air suitable for a variety of work applications and primarily used for emergency rescue
  • Airline Breathing Apparatus – recommended for longer durations in hazardous environments where oxygen levels fail to meet workplace standards

AML Risk Management ensure all self-contained breathing apparatus units are operational according to manufacturer's specifications and organisational policies and procedures. AML operate the self-contained breathing apparatus units according to relevant legislation. In a response to any incident, AML Risk Management will initially control all emergency situations and notify appropriate personnel according to organisational policies and procedures.

Breathing apparatus training covers: elementary physiology of respiration, safe working practices, equipment use and maintenance, set duration, characteristics, set component parts and operation, operational testing, safe working practices, use of guidelines, distress signal and entry control procedures. Along with these elements of training, all AML Risk Management emergency responders are qualified to deal with and assess:

  • Hazardous environments that require breathing protection
  • Understand the Human Respiratory System
  • Correct selection and use of the types of Breathing Apparatus
  • Communication Procedures
  • Risk Assessments and Hierarchy of Hazard Control
  • Breathing Apparatus Key Components
  • Calculating Work Duration and Emergency Escape Times
  • Using Breathing Apparatus Control Tally Boards
  • Breathing Apparatus Safety and Entrapment Procedures
  • After Use Cleaning, Maintenance and Testing Procedures
  • Search and Rescue Procedures

AML Risk Management is the market leader in Emergency Response. Our staff are trained to observe a high emphasis on safety and emergency procedures.