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Emergency Management Coordination Melbourne

AML Risk Management response teams are responsible for initially taking charge and effectively and efficiently managing any incident or emergency that may arise as part of their contracted duties, regardless of its size or intensity, whether planned or unplanned.

AML Risk Management response to these emergencies is referred to as an Emergency Management Response. The emergency management coordination response from AML Risk Management will apply to any emergency, regardless of the size, and remaining the incident/emergency coordination organisation until relieved by the relevant emergency service (Police, Ambulance, and Fire).

At all incidents and emergencies, AML Risk Management assist and work with Victoria Police who become the Incident Command and Control Organisation once on site.

It is AML Risk Management’s responsibility to its client to be their representative inside the Police incident control room, to protect and present the client interests to the incident Controller. AML Risk Management will continue to coordinate the emergency management plan on behalf of its client, and then communicate all information relating to the incident status to that client.

AML Risk Management – Emergency Management Coordination responsibilities are:

  • Establish contact and obtain briefing information
  • Establish contact with the Incident Controller or Control Agency Liaison Officer and obtain regular briefings (where possible, locate at ICC and attend control agency briefings)
  • Communicate requests for assistance from the Incident Controller
  • Establish and maintain contact with other Liaison Officers to maximise sharing of information, co-operation, and co-ordination of activities
  • Provide information relating to AML Risk Management resource availability, current commitments, and possible future requirements to the Incident Controller
  • Maintain accurate and complete log of all communications and activities

AML Risk Management have previous experience in Emergency Management Coordination roles at critical incidents. Experience and knowledge create best practice. AML Risk Management provide experienced, professional service and direction in all emergency situations.