Asset Protection Units (APU)

AML Risk Management provide Specialist two-man teams trained in specific emergency response protocols.

Team members are hand-picked from a pool of proficient, highly trained professionals. With a range of armed services, police, security specialists, fire and medical training, team members are well equipped mentally to deal with any emergency situation. All team members are trained in advanced defensive techniques and advanced conflict resolution. The AML Risk Management teams (APUs – Asset Protection Units) are well presented providing significant deterrent value, combined with genuine competence and professional excellence.

Each member is equipped with protective vests (stab and ballistic proof), stab resistant gloves, batons, handcuffs and other task oriented equipment as required. This enables each APU team to present as a highly visible, highly mobile first response asset. APUs carry out a range of tasks. A dedicated APU team focusses on trace detection. Other teams monitor crowd behaviour, provide medical escort and provide first response intervention upon weapons detection or organised criminal assault.