Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers

Archer 1200 Portable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers

Tested and certified the Archer 1200 is a portable vehicle barrier engineered to make people, places and communities safer. Modular by design, these anti-vehicle barriers provide real protection in real time. Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) is essential for major events and mass gatherings. With their rapid deployment and pack-down the Archer 1200 is the perfect solution for mitigating vehicles both hostile and non-hostile.

The Archer 1200 has been PAS 68 tested and certified and was able to bring a 1.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 48kmph to a complete stop. The unique and modular design of the Archer 1200 provides a variety of deployment configurations based on the individual needs of each event or location. In the event of heightened threat levels configurations can be adapted to increase the hardening of the closure.

One of the most appealing features of the Archer 1200 Anti-Vehicle barrier is its ability to be moved and installed with ease. Movement and installation is completed by attaching an Archer towbar or hauler to the portable barrier. No other tools or materials are necessary during any movement of the barriers. The task can be completed by just 1-2 people and can be accomplished within a few short minutes.

While protecting and securing vehicle access points, emergency access can still be granted with a moment’s notice. Archer accessories include a 3 metre Arrestor Cable which when included in the deployment, can allow authorised vehicle access.

Other valued features include

  • Modular by Design
  • Portable
  • Electricity & Hydraulic free
  • Do not require maintenance
  • Reusable after impact
  • Non-lethal
  • Deployable by 1 person
  • Harden Perimeter
  • Made of high strength steel
  • Ballistics rated to .50 calibre rounds

Included below is a link to a guided demonstration of the barrier installation, completed by Meridian Rapid Defense Group using the Archer towbar.

Why choose Archer Anti-Vehicle Barriers?

Meridian Rapid Defense group have carefully developed and tested their products to deliver high quality. The Archer 1200 Barriers have a proven ability to stop high risk vehicles, and have also been ballistics tested to .50 calibre ball rounds.

At AML Risk Management, we are more than just a Security provider. The team at AML will strive to complete any task at a high standard. Our goal is to provide the safest environment achievable through liaising with the client and evaluating safety concerns specific to the event or location. We stand for the safety and quality of service delivered to the client, while maintaining an adaptable approach to security needs. We believe that through the use of Meridian Rapid Defense group’s high quality products, we are able to implement security measures that cater for modern day threats to public safety.

The use of the anti-vehicle barriers will drastically increase public safety at any event or location. Archer barriers have been used to harden the perimeter of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Meridian Rapid Defence Group was also able to cater for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards by deploying Archer Barriers, as the risk of a security threat was heightened due to rogue police officer Christopher Dorner.

Meridian Rapid Defence Group Barrier Kits

Barrier Kits are a great example of how to utilize the barriers and how they are adaptable to a variety of circumstances. They maintain the ability to secure a premises to suit the needs of the client and the safety of all affiliated with the location or event. The kits demonstrate the ability to prevent all access, or partial access to and from a premises. Along with adapting to the needs of the client, barriers can be used in different ways to accommodate an increased need for security. Such as if an event or location is considered to be at an elevated risk level, or even if the threat level is considered imminent. While used alongside traffic cones, barriers may also be deployed to simply slow vehicle traffic passing through designated areas. The following kits have been constructed by Meridian Rapid Defense group as a guideline to the use of Archer 1200 Anti-Vehicle Barriers.

Conventions for Barricade Strength

Crash Barricade Threat Levels

Meridian utilises the National Terrorism Advisory System as a universally relevant lexicon for describing the specific security needs for a given location. Within an overall property, there may be areas of lower or higher risk due to surrounding physical structures, existing security, ambient traffic flow or target value to terrorists.

For areas of Elevated risk, barriers may be configured more for deterrence than vehicle stoppage, whereas areas of Imminent risk would warrant maximum protection designed to decrease or completely eliminate vehicle penetration. Generally Meridian Barriers should be employed in all areas of Elevated, Intermediate or Imminent Risk. As a critical point of difference from fixed solutions, the modular nature of the Meridian barriers allows a property to respond to changes in overall threat levels.

Lane Merger

Crash Barriers for Lane Merger

Soft technologies such as rubber cones and flares are often used to guide traffic in a direction or to gradually close off a lane. While effective in communicating the desired action, they are completely ineffective in true vehicle mitigation (zero stopping power).

Meridian Barriers are used in conjunction with cones to guide traffic as well as prevent a breach or by-pass of lane closure.

Single Lane Closure

Crash Barriers for Single Lane Closure

Meridian Barriers are ideally suited for preventing vehicle breach at narrow high-threat areas such as gates, driveways or single/double lane roadways.

In these formations, vehicle entry is completely prevented and areas with large, fast-approaching encroachments.

Two Lane Closure

Crash Barriers for Two Lane Closure

Meridian Barriers can be laced across more than one lane while still allowing fast and easy movement for pedestrians or emergency vehicles.

Span Protection

Crash Barriers for Span Protection

The interface between roadways and unprotected promenades, outdoor malls or parkways leaves pedestrians particularly vulnerable. Meridian Barriers are a drag and drop portable solution, which can be placed across large passageways to serve as highly effective, temporary bollards.

Crash Barrier Accessories

Meridian Arrestor Cables™

Arrestor Cables

Meridian Arrestor Cables™ use technology from aircraft carriers to absorb the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle and pull the barriers into play for vehicle mitigation without loss of life. They are attached to barriers in 3 or 8-foot segments and can be up to 3-ply across a barrier span (3 cables strung between two barriers). The 8-foot cables are designed to be detached to allow emergency vehicle entry if required.

Archer™ Ballistic Shield

Ballistic Shield

A ballistically rated extension that provides additional security from ordinance and shrapnel. Attaches to the Archer 750 and Archer 1000 Barrier Systems. The two bolt connection interface allows the shield to be installed in minutes.

Archer™ Barrier Brace

Barrier Brace

This component may be added to the Archer 750 and Archer 1000 to provide additional stopping power for trucks and heavy duty vehicles. The brace is quickly installed with one bolt.

Tow Bar

Tow Bar

A reciprocal handled, levered towing tool with variable height adjustment and two point, rapid connection interface. The tow bar easy grip handles allows on or two person teams to easily position the barriers in place.

Forklift Sleeve

Forklift Sleeve for crash barrier

A removable steel mount with reinforced safety strap for forklift tines that can be used to on-load or off-load Archer barriers.

Barrier Jack

Barrier Jack

A high strength steel lever that allows the Archer 500, 750 and 1000 barrier wheels to easily be engaged or disengaged.

Semi-pneumatic Wheels

Rugged, all-terrain semi-pneumatic wheel replacements for the Archer 500, 750 and 1000 barriers.

Earth Anchors - Installation Components

Crash Barrier Earth Anchor

Meridian’s specialized helical pier earth anchors are easily installed with a small Bobcat, Easy Auger II or other common hydraulic equipment. The design of the anchors minimizes soil disturbance during the vibration-free installation. The anchors are self-screwing and install in any weather condition with no excavation or spoils to remove.

Other Meridian Products

Other products developed by the Meridian Rapid Defence Group include the Archer beam gate. Contact us for more information.

Other Equipment