AML Security

AML Risk Management Pty Ltd is a fully registered and licensed security firm. We are able to provide all levels of asset protection and crowd management whether a major event with thousands of people or smaller high-powered meetings and events for dignitaries and government officials.

AML Risk Management operates at an industry leading standard and only utilises dedicated professionals. Its team is selected from former Police, Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency, Armed Forces or high level Security Industry specialist personnel. AML Risk Management has the ability to develop realistic strategies and to equip and train for today’s changing circumstances. All supervisory staff are highly experienced (A mandatory 10 years field experience is non-negotiable for all supervisory staff). The company is prepared and ready for all of today’s potential risk settings – Now.

Our Methodology

AML Risk Management’s main objective is to protect your most valuable assets – your business, your events, your clients and your property – from harm or danger. This requires a full inspection by our supervisory team of your venue, property of facility. A full briefing on audience, client or public usage and visitation is required by our team. AML Risk Management will assess the specific Security requirements needed at the location – be it a major venue or a small embassy.

All Security Personnel have signed confidentiality agreements and a condition of service document to ensure they fully understand, comprehend, and agree to comply with all AML Risk Management policies and integrity procedures. AML Operates under strict Regulations of Service. This ensures and guarantees the utmost privacy and discretion for all AML clients. Information provided by clients is held in the strictest confidence.

AML Risk Management have selected proficient, highly trained industry professionals delivering excellent service. Choosing AML Risk Management reduces the risks – Feel Safe and Be Protected with AML.