Trace Detection Unit

The Trace Detection Asset Protection Unit utilises the DetectaChem SEEKERe system. This is a hand held detection unit able to detect both miniscule explosive residues or particles as well as all common illicit drugs.

As earlier stated, AML Risk Management are the only Security Company utilising this unit within Australia. No Government organisations nor private security corporations currently have access to this equipment. It is mobile, compact and suitable for use in all types of venues and locations.

It does this through what is termed Colorimetric analysis. It is a method of determining the presence of a chemical compound with the aid of a colour reagent.

The Process is as follows:

The unit specifically identifies Explosives as follows:

  • Group 1 –Nitro-aromatics(Examples: TNT, TNB, DNT, DNB, Tetryl)
  • Group 2 –Nitrate Esters and Nitramines (Examples: HMX, RDX, PETN, NG, EGDN, Pyrodex, Triple 7, Gunpowder, Semtex)
  • Group 3 –Inorganic Nitrates (Examples: Ammonium Nitrate, Urea Nitrate)
  • Group 4 –Chlorates (Examples: Sodium Chlorate, Potassium Chlorate, KN03)
  • Group 5 –Peroxides(Examples: TATP and HMTD)

It will detect other less commonly used explosives as well. This is a list of common explosives but it is not an exclusive list.

The unit also detects a range of commonly used illicit drugs as follows:

  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Meth
  • THC
  • Synthetic Cannabinoids
  • Ketamine

AML Risk Management can arrange a full demonstration of the DetectaChem SEEKERe unit for interested parties upon enquiry.

AML’s Trace Detection team will demonstrate the unit, its functionality and precision.

The AML Trace Detection team also has access to two DEA (USA) standard K9 teams to assist in detection activities. These dog teams are the only privately operated Canine teams in Australia with Federal Government authorisation and sign off from the Federal Attorney General’s office to train with real narcotics and explosives. This is opposed to the majority of other units using ‘substitutes’ for drugs and explosives in Canine training.

The risk from Explosives at major events is now real. DetectaChem SEEKERe and the AML Detection team provide real surety and protection from such risk.

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